Richael Laking

Richael Laking is Sisseton-Whapeton of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and Irish mix from Toronto Ontario. She works with acrylic and mixed media on various surfaces.

Her paintings explore socio-political issues masked by the media and pop culture, as well as her own surreal world. Her work is purely expressive and takes place between here and the unknown of the human subconscious. She invites viewers to explore the hidden meanings through each colour texture, shape and line. The beauty is the unique story within each of us.

Richael Laking’s CUE-funded painting series focuses on her internal struggle with cultural appropriation and the use of culture as commodity. The general universal ignorance of First Nation’s cultures has lead to a unconscious mockery of a diverse and rich peoples. In order to bridge the gap of apartheid in Canada we must focus on educating the masses about the other half of history not taught through text books. Richael strives to create dialogue by using art to ask critical questions about mutual respect.