CUE presents a new method for arts funding



Is it hard writing project grants? Is it tedious to write pages about your work?

Then apply for a CUE #TwtGrnt!

1) Propose an art project in 140 characters or less (artists of all ages working in any discipline and medium are eligible)

2) Upload or link to ONE sample of your past work as support material

3) Use #TwtGrnt hashtag

4) Get it all into one message (no multiple tweets)

Winning application receives a $140 #TwtGrnt to put towards an art project. That’s a dollar per character, folks. Nothing wrong with that, eh? Only J.K. Rowling makes more.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 21st at 5 p.m.

Winner announced next week.

Now, go see how much depth you can squeeze into 140 characters.


- Refrain from expensive, multi-syllabic art school vernacular

- Don’t use filler like “um… well, you see... it’s, ah, it’s just kind of like…”

- Save the emoticons for Mother’s Day. This is a grant we’re talking about here. It’s serious stuff.

With Love,

Your friends forever at CUE