2017 Grant Recipients Announced



CUE is pleased to announce the recipients
of 35 new project grants:



ALEXA DELSOL is supported to create a series of 4 acrylic portraits entitled Faces of Fortune. Each portrait will be presented as cards of a Tarot deck.

BROOK BANK$ is supported to create an EP entitled Basketball Diaries. Songs will incorporate styles of hip-hop, folk, reggae, and bossa nova.

CAITLIN TAGUIBAO is supported to create a self-published book/zine entitled Zebra Book. The story follows a Zebra that stands out but yearns to blend in.

CHRISTINA ALEXANDER MICHEL is supported to create photo series entitled Outer Places. Photographs will explore the fantasies humans create in order to separate themselves from the events of their everyday lives.

DEMAR MILLER is supported to create 10 silkscreen designs and T shirts incorporating modern cartoons with quotations from activists Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

EKELLE OFFICIAL is supported to create a collaborative EP with 5 female rap artists and singers.

GEENA AKONUA is supported to create a collection of 6 dresses and 4 ensemble pieces. Each garment will incorporate African print and lace fabrics, with bridal satin and lamé to represent/showcase the artist’s African heritage while paying homage to Canadian culture and its diversity.

GENE ONE is supported to create a hip-hop album entitled Collage, which depicts a transformation of the artist’s roots, developing different styles and aspects of creation, exploring new sounds, and the evolution of self.

PRINCESITO is supported to create and installation entitled I always knew I'd be a soccer player. The installation will using synthetic skins, laser print, video projection, and a model soccer field.

JAMES YEBOAH is supported to create a series of paintings entitled It's Okay to Cry. The series addresses common stereotypes about black men in regards to embodying and expressing
emotion and vulnerability.

JEANNIE PRESCILA is supported to create InfinitexWonder, a series of hand-painted ancient mythological creatures on denim jackets.

JUST JOHN is supported to create a 3-song hip-hop EP entitled L.O.V. EP. These songs will emphasize the raw sounds of live-recorded instruments including the saxophone, trumpet, and keys.

KAMIKA PETERS is supported to create a mixed media triptych entitled Wading Room, utilizing resin
and found objects.

MEGZ238 is supported to create a project called Indigenous Modern Art Concepts. Teachings of the animal clans and the sacred medicines will be illustrated through combining traditional Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) styles with  graffiti letter art.

KARA MANSO is supported to create series of 6 watercolour paintings entitled Not a Robot. The paintings illustrate how migrant workers are mistreated and exploited by employers and the government.

LADY ASTRO is supported to create NIRVANA, a large-scale mixed media painting, presented in the form of a traditional Japanese storytelling art called Kamishibai. The story will teach the value of meditation.

MAITE is supported to create a jewelry collection entitled Electroestatica. Jewelry will be made from recycled e-waste such as circuit boards and microchips to reflect the burden our need for modern electronics has on the nations like China and Ghana, and the environment at large.

NIGEL EDWARDS is supported to create a video entitled We are Multidisciplinary, a short dance video about his creative process as a musician and as a dancer.

PAULINE AKSAY is supported to create a children's picture book about a mother's battle with depression told from the daughter's point of view.

QUESO is supported to create a public art series of 3 stencils entitled Unsettling News for the Privileged. This work will explore what it would look like if Indigenous gender-non-conforming people organized a revolt in colonized cities.

RAQUEL DA SILVA is supported to create collection of paintings entitled NAIA VOL 1: JUNGLE VAGABOND. Paintings will explore the concepts of the word jungle in the context of both the natural world and in the manufactured “concrete jungle".

SEL GHEBREHIWOT is supported to create Melancholy, a short film using surrealist and editorial style motifs to explore dissociation, and alienation from spaces where one is "supposed" to belong.

SHAWN MARTEL is supported to take his drawings into sculptural form using a 3D pen.

SIMON NGUYEN is supported to create 3 paintings using UV paint. The works explore how the microscopic world corresponds with outer space and the universe at large.

TEDDY OSEI is supported to create a large-scale collage about African history and diasporas.

TERANCE RICHARDS is supported to create a 5-song conscious hip-hop EP featuring
teenage musicians.

TYRELL SHIRLEY is supported to create a science fiction, psychological horror comic book entitled BANSHI. The work is intended to subvert traditional comic motifs by focusing on characters of colour, and how women are portrayed.

TZAZNA is supported to create a series of 10 illustrations about migrant workers' resistance in Canada entitled Harvesting Freedom.

ZOMA MADUEKWE is supported to create a short film entitled Looking for a Better Blade. The story is about a mentally ill woman who decides to come off her medications when she is pregnant to ensure the health of her child.