Platform A Grants

CUE is excited to once again be collaborating with Platform A, a special initiative of the Toronto Arts Council bringing CUE and SKETCH together with Art Starts, and Jumblies Theatre, and Vibe Arts. Each of these organizations are providing grants of up to $1000 to emerging artists working in any artistic discipline.

Each organization is able to work with and support applicants to develop strong proposals. Artists may apply to CUE, OR ONE of the following organizations. Please visit organizations' websites for more information:

Funding priorities:

  • New generation artists, or newcomers to Canada
  • Projects that engage a community with which the artist is connected

Funding priorities:

  • Artists of any age who are not full-time students
  • Community-engaged arts projects

Funding priorities:

  • New generation artists (under 29 yrs old)
  • Projects that engage a community to which the artist feels connected



OCTOBER 30, 2015


We acknowledge the Toronto Arts Council as partner and funding catalyst.