Margin of Eras 2014

The Margin of Eras

Political Infiltration Project:


Through the electoral maze of doublespeak and pitch perfect rhetoric comes big noise of new platform and policy. And, like good consumers, we wonder: what’s in it for us? While new approaches may be helpful, we wonder what mere political strategies can do for those of us who are systemically oppressed—those of us marginalized and unilaterally silenced as we rocket into trends of centralized power, economic disparity, and systems that only push us further to the margins, and further away from the core of our own selves.


We have been spun by the carnival, deafened by slogans, and blinded by slick logos. And now we’re up in arms about this tax and that, divided by bus service, rallying behind ideas that were never ours to begin with, and distracted from the larger lie by easy digestibles. It is difficult to understand what is happening.


For those of us on the shit end of this post-human era, the victims of free-market capitalism, for those of us wounded by the monster machine, we bring our own campaign to the race—a surreal critique of the system…

Margin of Eras 2014

Stay tuned for more interventions from the underground.