Salomeh Ahmadi

Salomeh Ahmadi is a youth advocate and facilitator. She teaches photography and darkroom development, and works at Pathways to Education in Rexdale.

She’s a board member with Lakeshore Arts and on the Advisory Committee with AVNU. Through contemporary photography, she explores images of women of colour and identity politics. For more of Salomeh’s work visit

White washing of beauty excludes women of colour in many areas of "beauty." When definitions of beauty are narrow and unattainable, reflecting on this becomes an important process. Salomeh explores how whiteness perpetuates itself through photographic imagery on passive models. The perpetuation of white or lighter as the "ideal" reference point from which all others must be compared is an inaccurate message. The literal bleaching products marketed at all shades of dark skin and East Asians poses a problem in the pursuit of a societal construct of beauty. One must consider how identities are revealed, and who defines them?